Indiana High Court Puts County Public Defender on Probation

(KOKOMO) — Indiana’s high court has placed a public defender on professional probation for conduct violations that include money mismanagement.

Steve Raquet is Howard County’s chief public defender. The state Supreme Court suspended him Friday from practicing law for 180 days but stayed his suspension subject to Raquet successfully completing 18 months of professional probation.

Steve Raquet

The Kokomo Tribune reports the court’s Disciplinary Commission had filed a complaint against Raquet in April detailing his continuous overdrafts from a bank trust account and a series of professional conduct violations, including his lack of oversight of an employee.

Officials say Raquet, Vandenbosch & Steele law firm bookkeeper Kimberly Jackson had been placing deposits into incorrect accounts.

Jackson pleaded guilty in April to felony theft and forgery. She was sentenced to three years of supervised probation.

Information from the Kokomo Tribune,