Indiana Main Street Program Welcomes Two New Communities

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Today, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs announced Roann Community Heritage and Main Street Centerville Inc. as the newest members of the Indiana Main Street Program, which encourages economic development, redevelopment and improvement to downtown areas.

“Congratulations to Roann and Centerville for becoming the latest organizations to join the Indiana Main Street Program and bringing our total to 135,” said Jodi Golden, OCRA Executive Director. “By seeking this designation, these communities are committed to preserve, cultivate and revitalize their historic commercial core and cultivate a strong and vibrant downtown.”

Golden said both main street organizations are comprised of dedicated community members working together to revitalize their downtown. The mission of Roann’s Community Heritage, Inc., is to enhance and preserve Roann’s cultural and architectural heritage.

“We are so excited to be a part of Indiana Main Street! We look forward to working with members of the community to improve Roann and make it a destination people are drawn to,” said Jo Ellen Nelson, Co-President of Roann’s Community Heritage, Inc.

The mission of Main Street Centerville, Inc. is to enrich the town through economic development, redevelopment and beautification initiatives. They will help educate others on the history, architecture and vitality of the businesses and residents.

“The designation really validates that Main Street Centerville has established a strong organization, and helps us form partnerships across the community for greater impact,” said Melissa Vance, President/CEO of the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce. “This is just the beginning – great things are on the horizon!”

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