Floodwater Collapses Road, Closes Beaches at Patoka Lake

(PATOKA LAKE) – Floodwater is swallowing up beaches and parking lots at Patoka Lake and caused a road to collapse.

Park Wildlife Biologist Brian Finch says the lake water is 12 feet above normal.

Water is spilling over the beaches and parking lots, causing park officials to close the beach to visitors.

Beach area of Patoka Lake

Officials say attendance at the park is suffering, and there’s a good chance the beach will remain closed for most of the summer.

Boats are still allowed on the lake but those boating are asked to use caution and to wear their life jackets.

A busy highway will need emergency repair after the road crumbled in two spots just feet away from each other, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

It happened at what is known as the Eckerty Y intersection, near Patoka Lake in Crawford County. All the recent rain and flooding is to blame.