Smart Water Meters to be Installed at Bloomington Homes and Businesses

(BLOOMINGTON) – The City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) will begin installing an advanced metering infrastructure system at residences and businesses across the city in July.

The smart meter technology will enable the wireless transmission of individual customers’ water meter readings directly to CBU via regional collectors (base stations) located on existing water tanks and other structures.

The smart water meters will collect multiple reads per day, allowing for better leak detection and improved customer service.  In 2020, CBU customers will have the ability to monitor water usage daily at an online portal accessible via computer or smartphone.

“The new system will help CBU efficiently detect and minimize water loss,” said CBU Director Vic Kelson. “Smart meters also support our commitment to preserving and protecting our environment by enhancing our ability to detect and stop leaks quickly, reducing carbon emissions by eliminating the need to travel to read meters, and providing customers with up-to-date water usage data so they can improve their efforts to conserve.”

The upgrade begins in July and is expected to take approximately 12 months to complete. During installation, Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) working on behalf of CBU will interrupt water service for approximately 30 minutes at each customer’s location. Before leaving the property, crews will test the new water meter by running one to two gallons of water from an exterior hose or faucet. Door hangers will be left at the main entrance to the property informing the customer of the status of the visit.

CBS staff will be supervising UMS installers, carry proper identification, and wear yellow UMS tee-shirts, jackets or vests; contractor vehicles will also be clearly marked with the “UMS” logo.

“CBU is always modernizing and improving,” said Mayor John Hamilton.  “Vigilant protection of our drinking water includes not only safety but also stewarding this precious resource through innovation.  Smart water meters will help CBU collect more information about water usage more promptly, empower customers to manage their own consumption more easily, and reduce our community’s carbon footprint in the process.”

There will be no new rate increases or surcharges as a result of this project.  To learn more and see a map of where replacement work is occurring, please visit the CBU website at or call CBU Customer Service at 812-349-3930.