Indiana State Police Warning Residents of Scam Arriving in Mail

(UNDATED) – Indiana State Police has become aware that there is a new scam that is targeting the area. This scam is unique because it arrives in mailboxes instead of inboxes.

The scam allegedly comes from an executive from a bank in a European country that has discovered a large sum of money that can be claimed. Most versions of this scam say that a family with the same surname died in a tragic traffic crash and the letter recipients are entitled to receive a large sum of money.

The letter has contact information to begin the process to receive the money, but police warn it is a scam and anybody who falls for it could lose their money and possibly their identity, as well.

As a reminder, police say:

  • Never share personal information or account information
  • Be skeptical of unsolicited offers
  • Don’t deposit checks and wire money back with the promise of more money to come to you
  • Hang up on robocalls
  • Talk to someone you trust. Many scammers push you to make a quick decision.