Information Needed to Ensure Access to Secure School Saftey Grant Applications

(UNDATED) – With the Secured School Safety Grant application period approaching, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) needs to begin the process of adding schools and districts to the IntelliGrants system.

IntelliGrants utilizes a tiered user role approach, therefore each public school district must select one individual to serve as the system administrator. Each private or charter school also must select one individual to serve as the system administrator.

Due to the level of access and new user authorization responsibilities associated with system administrators, an appropriate designee is required to determine the individual who should serve in this capacity. The authorizing designee may be different for each organization (i.e. superintendent, principal, director, etc.).

Schools wishing to apply for this year’s Secured School Safety Grant are required to complete the IntelliGrants System Administrator Form, which will facilitate the system administrator identification process.

Schools are encouraged to submit their form no later than noon on June 24, 2019. However, IDHS recommends that the IntelliGrants System Administrator Form be completed as soon as possible to limit the possibility of a delay in receiving a username and password for your school or district.

To fill out the System Administrator Form, visit and click on the “Register for IntelliGrants” banner. Above the form, more information and frequently asked questions about the IntelliGrants platform have been included.

Organizations interested in applying for funding through IDHS will not be able to access IntelliGrants without completing and submitting the IntelliGrants System Administrator Form.