Bedford Police Canine Given Trauma And Narcan Kits

(BEDFORD) – Protecting K9 Heroes announced Bedford Police Department canine Ciro has been granted a K9 Trauma Kit and Narcan Kit.

jeremy and Ciro.jpg
bedford k91.jpg

These gifts of protection were made possible by donations to Protecting K9 Heroes.

Ciro, a 7-year-old Czech Shepherd is assigned to Major Jeremy Bridges. Ciro is a dual purpose K9, loves helicopters rides, and dislikes water because he sinks like a bulldozer.

Naloxone, also known as Narcan, blocks the effects of opioids and reverses overdoses within two to five minutes. Each kit includes one 4 mg device as well as a Narcan holster.

The K9 must still be seen by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, officers risk losing their canine partners to the drug epidemic during searches and the goal is to have their handlers properly equipped in the case of emergencies. Handlers are instructed to receive training from their local veterinarians on the proper use of this product.

Protecting K9 Heroes NFP Ltd is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is operated on a volunteer basis only. They protect police dogs through donations and support from the community. Their mission to reduce the amount of canine-related deaths throughout the United States by supplying them with the protection they need. They offer ballistic vests, K9 First Aid Kits, and Narcan Kits.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation or helping to protect a police dog, you may donate through on their website at or checks can be mailed to: Protecting K9 Heroes P.O. Box 422 Glenwood, IL 60425 or call 708-480-2292.