State Road 3/356 Intersection Converting From Two-Way To All-Way Stop

(SCOTT CO.) – The Indiana Department of Transportation will convert the intersection of State Road 3 and State Road 356 in Scott County, between Vienna and Lexington, from a two-way stop to an all-way stop at the end of the month.

Currently, only drivers on State Road 356, approaching State Road 3, are required to stop, but due to a pattern of crashes at this location, drivers on both State Road 3 and 356 in all directions will stop at the intersection. This is a necessary change in order to decrease the risk of accidents at the intersection.
Existing flashers in all directions will be changed from yellow to red, in addition to the installation of new signage and buzz strips to alert motorists to stop.
State Road 3/356 Intersection Conversion
intersection 3 and 356.png