$175 Million Solar Power Project Planned For Central Indiana

(SHELBYVILLE) – A $175 million solar power project is planned for central Indiana.

Officials announced Tuesday that plans call for Brooklyn, New York-based Ranger Power to build the solar project in Shelby County starting in 2022. Those involved in the “Speedway Solar” project says that when it’s brought online in 2023 it will generate enough power to serve about 35,000 households.
About 400 workers are expected to build a solar power project.
About 1,014 of the 1,200 acres (410 of the 486 hectares) of the Ranger Power project are devoted to solar panels. Electricity generated by the project will be distributed through the Wabash Valley Power Association, a wholesale electric supplier.
The announcement follows development projects in the county including a $160 million ethanol plant and a $310 million food manufacturing plant.