Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department Provides 27 Years of Fire Safety Education

(BEDFORD) – Members of the Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department are on its 27th year of providing fire safety and emergency medical demonstration at Shawswick Elementary School.

This morning students filed outside, getting a fire safety lesson.
students shaw.jpg
Around 9 a.m. a helicopter from Stat-Flight landed in the school parking lot.
landed helicopter.jpg
Stat Flight Helicopter lands at Shawswick School Friday morning for Safety Program.
kid wave.jpg
Jayden Cook and Breyden Hostter wave at the helicopter as it lands.
The students were full of excitement and attentive to the instruction provided by Shawswick Captain Jason Fisher.
capt. fisher.jpg
Shawswick VFD Capt. Jason Fisher Captain shares fire safety tips with students.
The students were provided fire safety material and looked at both fire and extrication equipment on the fire trucks and asked questions about the helicopter.
climb hel.jpg
They also had the opportunity to crawl through a smokehouse which simulates a smoke-filled room.
Zayda Brown crawls out of the smokehouse.
This is Jason Fisher’s 20th and final year sharing fire safety lessons with students. Fisher, who works at General Motors as a Global Technical Specialist, is moving to Warren Michigan due to a job transfer.
His family includes his wife Amber, their 19-year-old son Blake who will be a sophomore at Franklin college next year, 17-year-old Treyton, a sophomore at BNL, 15-year-old Kylar who is a freshman and Genesis a 5th grader at Shawswick.
“My daughter’s fifth-grade class is on a field trip today, so I missed out on seeing her today,” said Fisher.
However, his instruction resonated with Braxton Yost, a third-grade student.
When asked what he enjoyed, he replied, “I like the smokehouse.”
When asked what he was supposed to do if his home was full of smoke. “Get to the floor as close as I can,” he added.
Branson was asked what to do if his clothes caught on fire, he said, “Stop, Drop and Roll.”
This also marks kindergarten teacher Diane Inman last year. Inman is retiring.
Her daughter Joni Canfield is a flight nurse and was on the crew today with Luke Lamar, a flight paramedic, and Jordan Polier the pilot.
shaw fire safety1.jpg
Back row from left to righ Jared Canfield, Cooper Canfield and Diana Inman. Front row from left to right Joni Canfield flight nurse, Maibree King, Macrae King and Mason King.
Her husband Jared, and children Mason, Cooper, Macrae, and Maibree all joined her today as she landed. Her children except Cooper are all Shawswick Students.
The winners of the coloring book contest included Julia Tlustek, Ava Powell, Henry Decker, and Peyton Couch.
color contest.jpg
Coloring contest winners left to right – Julie Tlustek, Ava Powell, Henry Decker, and Peyton Couch
The fire department intends to provide the program again next, year to
educate students on fire prevention and safety measures.