City of Bedford Approves Ordinance Changes

(BEDFORD) – In Tuesday’s evening, Bedford City Council meeting Judy Carlisle was appointed to the Green Hill Cemetery Association.

In an agreement between the city and Green Hill Cemetery Association, the appointed council member must have a plot, or a family member must be buried in the cemetery. Carlisle met all the requirements.
The council passed a resolution allowing TASC Transportation Director Dennis Parsley to apply for the 2020 Grant Federal Transit Act. This annual application provides operating funds for TASC.
An ordinance was approved to clarify parking restrictions of semi tractor-trailers on city streets. Dan Kirk Plan Commissioner said city officials received numerous complaints of semi tractor-trailers tractors parked on city streets. In some areas, the roads were narrow making passage difficult. The ordinance better defines where they can and cannot park to give the police better enforcement of the law.
The City Council approved an ordinance requiring new developments to have sidewalks constructed on at least one side of a street.
The Glen Meadows project, as well as the Broadview North Subdivision, was not required to have sidewalks. The Glen Meadows project, being done by James Wisley Contracting LLC, went ahead and put in the sidewalks after the city agreed to pay for the materials. Council members asked why some developers do not want sidewalks, which Kirk stated it adds to cost. But, with the city putting up the money for materials this helps with those costs.
The safety of pedestrians is the main reason for the ordinance changes. Several streets in the city do not have sidewalks. The Edgewood Addition is one with no sidewalks.
In the Glen Meadows Project, the residents did not wish to have strangers using their sidewalks in their neighborhood.
One ordinance that did not pass was the storage or parking of recreation vehicles on city streets. The city wants to address the parking of recreation vehicles and define better what recreation vehicles and equipment are. Under the old ordinance, it only mentioned RVs, however, in the new ordinance it includes boats, RVs, and other defined recreational vehicles. The city was receiving numerous complaints of people parking RVs on city streets, as well as parking boats and campers in front yards without mowing them. The ordinance will require these recreation vehicles to be placed under a carport or in the rear of their property.
Council member Mark Scherschel was opposed to the ordinance to give residents time to respond. This proposed change will be on the agenda at the next city council meeting.