Bedford Man Arrested After Injuring Female Juvenile

(BEDFORD) – A Bedford man was arrested after Bedford Police officers were called to the 1700 block of K Street about a domestic dispute.

When officers arrived, they talked to the caller that reported he could hear yelling and screaming coming from the neighboring apartment.
Waggoner, Adrian.jpg
Officers went to the apartment where the yelling was coming from and talked to 33-year-old Adrian Waggoner.
“Officers could see inside the apartment and witnessed a female juvenile walk past the door who looked upset and crying,” says Chief Terry Moore. ” Officers entered the apartment and found one infant and two female juveniles. One of the juveniles was hiding in a closet and appeared to have red marks to her arms and legs.”
The female juveniles told police Waggoner had caused the injuries after he got upset with the juveniles for waking him from a nap.
“The juveniles said that Mr. Waggoner picked up a wooden paddle and struck the injured juvenile across the arms and legs which caused the injuries,” Chief Moore added. “The children’s mothers were contacted as well as Department of Child Services.”
Waggoner was arrested on charges of neglect of a dependent and domestic battery.