Flooding Update At Monroe Lake

(LAKE MONROE) – The water level at Monroe Lake is at 14 feet above normal pool, as of 8 a.m. on May 6.

The Army Corps of Engineers is currently only able to release water from the dam at the minimum rate (244 cfs); which means water level continue to creep upwards.
As of this time, the following areas and facilities at the lake are impacted by the high water level.

  • Paynetown SRA: At least 40 campsites are CLOSED; reservation center has been contacting people whose reservations are impacted. You are also welcome to call our office at 812-837-9546 if you are concerned about a specific site.
  • Paynetown SRA: Marina access has MOVED to the B-loop in the Campground. Shuttle access is provided from there to boat docks and buoys. There is currently no dry land access route to reach the docks.
  • Paynetown SRA: Activity Center is CLOSED.
  • Paynetown SRA: Fishing dock is CLOSED.
  • Pine Grove SRA: completely CLOSED (access road is under water).
  • Cartop SRA: completely CLOSED (access road is under water).
  • Stillwater-Northfork Wildlife Area: completely CLOSED (access road is under water).
  • Cutright SRA: both the main and high water ramps are CLOSED.
  • Summer courtesy docks are in at the Paynetown SRA and Fairfax SRA ramps. However, courtesy docks will not be installed at any other ramp locations until the water level drops.
  • Ramps are still OPEN at Paynetown SRA, Fairfax SRA, Moores Creek SRA, and Salt Creek SRA. The water is high but the ramps are still marginally accessible at Crooked Creek SRA and Allens Creek SRA.