Toddler Drowns When Mother Drives In Flooded Waters

(SOMERSET) – Indiana authorities say a 2-year-old was killed when his mother drove past a “high water” sign and into a flooded Wabash County road.

Indiana State Police say 22-year-old Anthonitte Carter of Indianapolis was headed eastbound on County Road 925 South on Thursday when the accident occurred. State police said in a statement, Carter “allegedly did not see the sign and drove into floodwater which had completely covered the road.”
The water’s strong current carried Carter’s vehicle to the north side of County Road 925 South and became “completely submerged.”
Carter was able to escape, but her son, Eric Longer, did not make it out of the car despite the efforts of his mother.
Conservation officers from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Wabash County Sheriff’s Department deputies rescued a struggling Carter from the water. The toddler was found dead inside.