BNL Scholarship Foundation Awards Over $400,000 to Students

The Bedford North Lawrence Scholarship (BNL) Foundation Board gave over $400,000 worth of scholarships to high school seniors and continuing college students Thursday night.

One hundred thirty-two students of the 2019 BNL graduating class were awarded over 300 scholarships. These individual scholarships values ranged from $150-$9000 with the majority of students receiving more than one scholarship. In addition to these new recipients,14 current college students received their continuing scholarships. The BNL Scholarship Foundation selected scholarship winners based on an individual scholarship donor’s criteria, the student’s grade point average and financial need, and an interview. Designated members of the BNL Scholarship Foundation Board conducted the interviews.
For a full list of scholarships and recipients, click here.
Ten different groups were honored throughout the evening on stage. The recipients and audience cheerfully listened as each scholarship presenter emotionally expressed the meaning behind each scholarship including presenters Julie Hewetson and Fran Bond. Prior to exiting the stage, Hewetson assigned the 2019 scholarship recipients one last homework assignment. Hewetson’s assignment was titled “Homework for Life”. She asked all the recipients “to be kind, say thank you, treat others as you have them treat you, say I’m sorry, be a giver-not a taker, help others and make a difference.” Presenter Bond encouraged the 2019 scholarship recipients and the listening audience to remember the kindness they received and give back. Bond quoted Proverbs 13: 22: A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, But the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.
Known to be one of the largest awarding scholarship foundations for high school seniors and continuing students in Indiana, the BNL Scholarship Foundation has been presenting scholarships annually for over 50 years. This foundation was organized to promote and encourage educational activities within the area of the North Lawrence Community Schools by linking public and private resources for the benefit of students. The Foundation is supported by gifts of money and property. Assets are invested to maintain the value of the original gift. The activities of the foundation include but not limited to: the following objectives:

  • Furthering educational opportunities for students and faculty members of the North Lawrence Community Schools
  • Developing and promoting interest in education
  • Stimulating good teaching and practices

According to the BNL Scholarship Foundation website, the current board of directors includes:

  • David Jacobs, President
  • David George, Vice President
  • Jennie Edwards, Secretary
  • Ray Housel, Treasurer
  • Steven Boshears, Parliamentarian
  • Mary Nell Boyer
  • Richard Burton
  • Judy Hudson-Mavon
  • Hillard Lewis
  • Bill Tatom
  • Kevin Mullis
  • Kathy Thorne
  • Joe Timbrooke
  • Hillary Whitaker

BNL Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors thanked the following organizations and people: NLCS School Board, Mr. Todd Tanksley, Mrs. Tammy Byrer, and the BNL Counseling Department. They would also like to thank Dennis Whitaker, the BNL Cafeteria Staff for providing the cookies and punch and Bailey Flowers for providing flowers. A special thank you would like to be given to Kim Gillespie, BNL Foundation Administrative Assistant, for all her attention to detail and dedication.
Designated members of the Board of Directors are available to make presentations to civic organizations, class reunions, groups or individuals interested in learning more about the Bedford North Lawrence Scholarship Foundation Board. Please contact the foundation office at (812) 279-3561, ext 48137.