Vigo County Buys Cameras To Catch Illegal Trash Dumpers

(TERRE HAUTE) – Western Indiana’s Vigo County is enlisting cameras to catch people who illegally dump trash.

County Commissioner Brendan Kearns told the board of the Vigo County Solid Waste Management District last week that the county has acquired 20 cameras that will be camouflaged along trails and take time-stamped photos that can be used as evidence to prosecute illegal trash dumpers.
The Tribune-Star reports that the city of Terre Haute will get five of the cameras and Vigo County will use 15 of them along river bottoms, near creeks and along county roads.
Kearns says landowners will soon be asked for permission to locate the cameras on their properties.
Waste management board secretary Don Morris says the purchase of the cameras “is one of the most positive things in town.”
Information from: Tribune-Star,