Bedford City Utilities Continue To Flush Fire Hydrants

(BEDFORD) – Bedford City Utility crews continue Flushing fire hydrants.

The following tentative schedule is subject to change each day if each day is not completed as scheduled or due to weather conditions.
Customers are cautioned to be careful on or about these days as the water can be muddy/rusty and will be harmful to laundry as far as staining. If the water becomes discolored let the cold water fun for a short while and it should clear up.
The schedule:
Thursday night, Sunday night April 11-14
East of Mitchell Road, south of 16th Street, Brook Knoll, Glen Meadows, Shandell Drive, and Core Nursing Home
Monday night, Tuesday night April 15-16
John Williams Boulevard, All of Lincoln Avenue, 15th and M and West 8th streets, south to 16th Street
Wednesday night, Thursday night, April 17-18
East of Lincoln Avenue and North of 15th Street
If the weather turns bad, the flushing of hydrants will be canceled.