City Of Bedford Applies For Grant For Second Roundabout

(BEDFORD) – Discussion at the Bedford City Council meeting on Tuesday evening centered on the intersection of Beech Street and John Williams Boulevard.

Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore said the intersection presents some issues with traffic accidents. Moore was approached six weeks about by a concerned citizen, and a fatality occurred at the intersection two months ago. He asked officials to consider creating a roundabout at the intersection after the success of the one at Lincoln Avenue and John Williams Boulevard.
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City to seek grant for roundabout
Officials discussed placing a stop light at the intersection, but Mayor Shawna Girgis stated since the opening of the roundabout at Lincoln Avenue and John Williams Boulevard there has been no accidents at that location.
As far as cost, it will surpass the cost of the city’s first roundabout, but over time will be less expensive than placing a stoplight at the intersection. Chief Moore stated the placing of a stoplight would probably produce more accidents as people will be more apt to try to run a stoplight. On State Road 37, officers have worked several accidents where motorists have attempted to run the stoplights. Chief Moore mentioned that accidents in a roundabout are usually at lower speeds, lessening the severity of injuries with only 6 percent of accidents sending someone to the hospital for treatment.
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City to seek Community Crossing Grant for roundabout at Beech Street and John Williams Boulevard
According to Councilman Byron Buker, when constructing the intersection, the hump was lowered two feet, but visibility at the intersection is still problematic.
The city will seek a community crossing grant in the fall to pay for the two-lane roundabout with construction beginning sometime in 2020.
Boy Scouts Learn City Government
Councilman Byron Buker gave three members of Boy Scout Troop 332 a lesson in city government at the meeting. He told troop members what the functions of the city government are, explaining the budget process, and other responsibilities city officials have. Mackenzie Moore, Austin Harms, and Fletcher Miskuf attended the meeting earning a Citizenship in Community Badge.
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Austin Harms and Mackenzie Moore from Troop 332
Vacating Street
The City Council also approved vacating the street and alley located by the Bedford Veterinarian Clinic on Oolitic Road. The motion was tabled last month on concerns another business was not consulted on vacating the lot. Attorney Byron Steele provided the council with written notification that that business did not object.
Recycling Report
Councilman Buker shared the 2018 Recycling Totals for Lawrence County Solid Waste District located on Mitchell Road:
Screen Electronic devices ( Flat Screen, CRT, laptops, Monitors, etc)

  • 13,515 or 56.76 tons
  • Disposal cost: $25,723.67

Metals(scrap, steel, cooper, aluminum, brass, etc.)

  • 284,740 or 142.47 tons


  • 258,720 lbs or 129.36 tons

Paper( newspaper, magazines,etc)

  • 385,860 tons or 192.93


  • 719,480 lbs or 359.74 tons


  • 117,600 lbs or 58.80 tons

Glass Bottles

  • 140,700 lbs or 70.35 tons

Compost/Mulch/firewood giveaway

  • 174.83 tons or 349,660 lbs

Totals: 2,370,275 lbs or 1,185.14 tons
Recycle Center Drive-Thru (February 2019)

  • 4,362 customers (156 customers per day average)