MCCSC Participates in Meal Sharing Programs

(BLOOMINGTON) – The leftover food at the Monroe County Community Schools Corporation does not get thrown away.

Currently, MCCSC participates in meal share programs with Hoosier Hills Food Bank, Community Kitchen, and Wheeler Mission – Bloomington.
Hoosier Hills provides containers and picks up regularly from MCCS schools. The schools have participated in the Hoosier Hills Meal Share Program since 2010.
Leftovers that don’t freeze well but can be reheat for use within one day are taken to Community Kitchen and Wheeler Mission by Food Service Staff.
Milk is picked up by Prairie Farms and redistributed to meal share with programs or farmers (if outdated). This happens on the last day prior to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring and Summer breaks. The school is credited for all milk they take back.
Identified students in the elementary schools and at Tri-North Middle School, receive food for the weekend through the Community Kitchen Backpack Buddies Program.