Bedford Board Of Works Approves Purchase Of Trash Truck

(BEDFORD) – The Board of Works met in Special Session Monday evening in the Bedford Mark Scherschel Council Chambers.

There were three items to be discussed among the Board of Works with all three members, Bryon Buker, Tony Ravenna, and Mayor Shawna Girgis present.
Bids for Community Crossing Grant opened for Edgewood Paving Project:
A bid for the Community Crossing Grant that was awarded to the City of Bedford was to be opened. The three bids on the Project for the paving of thirteen streets in the Edgewood Addition were opened for consideration. The three bids were, Milestone from Bloomington submitted a bid of $395,862, Robertson from Flat Rock, IN. submitted a bid of $459,559.25, and E&D Paving of Bloomington, IN. submitted a bid of $437,460.50.
Milestone was the winning bid to pave the Edgewood Addition
Dan Kirk Planning Director/Street Commissioner was asked whether the bids need to be tabled to further look at the bids. He advised the group that he was working on some deadlines, with the Indiana Department of Transportation and suggested to go ahead with the lower bid and have the city attorney look over the bids and make sure the bids meet the requirements. Milestone was awarded the contract but on conditions.
edgewood addition.JPG
Thirteen streets to be paved in Edgewood Addition.
The Board of Works voted to approve the bids based on the City Attorney Greg Pittman and meeting proper bid specifications.
The Community Crossing Grant will pave the following streets in the Edgewood Drive:

  • Circle Court from Windwood Drive. to the Cul-de-Sac.
  • J Hunter Drive from Windwood Drive. to the Cul-de-Sac.
  • Grimes Street from Central Avenue to the dead end to the West.
  • Edgewood Drive from 1 6th Street (U.S. 50) to Eastwood Drive.
  • Westwood Drive from Edgewood Drive to the dead end south.
  • Eastwood Drive. from the northern part of Edgewood Drive. To the southern part of Edgewood Drive.
  • Woodhill Drive. From Eastwood Drive to the dead end south.
  • Northwood Drive. from Edgewood Drive to Eastwood Drive.
  • Southwood Drive. From Edgewood Drive. to Windwood Drive.
  • Central Avenue from 16th Street (U.S. 50) to Windwood Drive.
  • Windwood Drive. from 16h . Street (U.S. 50) to Central Avenue.
  • Circle Drive. From the Cul-de-Sac to Southwood Drive.
  • Linwood Drive. From Windwood Drive to Southwood Drive.

Easement approved for Bedford Boat and Sportsman’s Club
Rex Smith with Bedford Boat and Sportsman’s Club to explain the project they are undertaking to improve their campground area.
Duke Energy will place power lines over the City of Bedford easement, instead of going underground, the utilities will be overhead. The location is by the Pumphouse on Pumphouse Road. The project will be increasing electrical capacity to the campgrounds.
Misty Adams Utilities Director, Dan Kirk PlanDirector and City Attorney Greg Pitman looked over the area and see no problem with the project. The Board of Works approved the granting the easement.
City to purchase a trash truck for $320,000
Misty Adams, Bedford Utilities Director, explained it’s has been 10 years since the city purchased a trash truck to handle the trash totes. Presently, the trash truck they have is in the shop being repaired, the packer of the current truck got off its track. Normally, it takes about 5 days to get parts, some parts are getting harder to get.
trash truck.JPG
With the purchase of this truck, they plan to use the older truck as a back-up and for compost. The new trash truck will be used for daily operation.
The new truck will have greater capacity reducing the number of trips to the Land Fill and on occasional trips to Rumpke in Jackson County. The trash fees will be used to purchase the truck, as some of the revenue from the fees is put into a fund for equipment purchases.
A grant was considered by Clean Shores; however, the EPA requirements wanted to reduce diesel trucks which would defeat the purpose of having a back-up truck. They would have to eliminate a truck. Secondly, it at one was a 75 percent grant, reduced down to 25 percent.
Misty Adams was asked how long it would take to get the new truck, which she advised five days following the purchase. The truck purchased is a demo-model and controls would have to be moved to the left side.