Town Of Story Up For Sale

(STORY) – A tiny, historic town in Brown County is up for sale.

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The town of Story is a popular tourist destination, located between the Hoosier National Forest and the Brown County State Park. Visitors to the 1851 community take a step back in time on their visits.
According to the website for the town’s bed and breakfast, “In the early 1980s, two hippies from Bloomington bought and reassembled the old town,” opening up the Bed and Breakfast.
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The town’s current owner, Rick Hofstetter, bought the town in 1999 at a sheriff’s auction, pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into it to bring it to its current state. Hofstetter says tens of thousands of people flock to the small town each year.
He has two young co-owners but hopes to find a buyer who has the same dreams and passion he has. The sales agreement will include “certain stipulations” to see that the town is preserved.
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Everything in Story has been renovated. The old general store serves as a restaurant and bed and breakfast, a dairy barn in the back of the property is now a popular wedding venue, the remaining houses and rooms are rented out to guests. A tavern is located underneath the restaurant.