Bloomington Man Arrested after Holding Gun Against Man’s Head

(BLOOMINGTON) – A Bloomington man was arrested Friday after he allegedly pointed a gun at the head of an acquaintance.

Bloomington Police arrested 22-year-old Charutha Bandara on charges of pointing a firearm at another, intimidation, battery and dealing in marijuana.
Bloomington police were called to the apartments on North Walnut Street after a report Bandara had pointed a Glock at a man’s head.
The man told police he went to the apartments with Bandara’s girlfriend to move her out of Bandara’s home.
He says Bandara’s came out of the apartment pointing the gun at him before pressing it against his head leaving a scratch.
Bandara’s told police he had been arguing with his girlfriend because he felt she was spending too much time with the other man, but he didn’t have a gun.
Police secured a search warrant and found the gun under a bed and a large bag of marijuana under Bandara’s table.
The also opened a large safe and found multiple bags of marijuana, several boxes of marijuana vape pens and a large amount of cash.