City Of Bloomington Increases Towing Fees

(BLOOMINGTON) – If your vehicle is towed at the request of a police officer or parking enforcement officer in Bloomington it will cost you $125.

On Wednesday, the Bloomington City County approved an increasing the base fee of $55 for towing a vehicle during the day and $65 for night towing to $125. This is the first change in Bloomington’s towing fees in 18 years. Towing agencies receive 30 percent of the fee per vehicle as their payment.
The City of Bloomington uses four towing services on a rotation to tow vehicles which range from towing cars parked in no-parking zones to towing cars when drivers are incapacitated. All four companies do not participate in private towing.
The ordinance also increases the storage fee per day from $10 for an undamaged vehicle and $15 for wrecked vehicles to $25 for both.