Do People With Disabilities Earn Equal Pay?

(UNDATED) – Overall, workers with a disability earn less than workers who do not have a disability. Yet, depending on the types of work they do, much of the difference in median earnings disappear.

U.S. Census Bureau reports, today, a record 9 million people with a disability work. While these workers, age 16 and older, are spread throughout the labor force, workers with a disability tend to concentrate in certain jobs depending on their age and particular disability.
Median Earnings and Occupations for Workers With a Disability
As a group, full-time, year-round workers with a disability earn 87 cents for every dollar earned by those with no disability.
However, among people working similar jobs and schedules, the median earnings for workers with a disability are either very close to, or not different from, earnings for workers with no limitation.
Accounting for the differential mix of occupations between these workers with or without a disability reduces the overall disparity in median earnings by about half.