Storms Cause Minor Damage in Lawrence County

(HELTONVILLE) – The damage from Thursday’s Storm was mostly, down trees and power outages throughout the area.

However, Turner Contractor’s Inc. suffered damage to a barn located 300 block of State Road 446 near U.S. 50 East.
Photo by Regina Hayes
Steve Jones taken just south of Heltonville.jpg
Photo by Steve Jones
Regina Hayes in the 4400 block of U.S. 50 shared her photo of a funnel cloud passing by her home as well as, Steve Jones who posted a picture of a possible tornado or funnel cloud near Heltonville.
Several businesses, including hospitals, put their Severe Weather Action Plan in place, as the tornado sirens were activated during the Tornado Warning. No other major damage was reported in Lawrence County at this time.
The storm damage in Jackson has not been determined at this time whether it to be straight-line winds or an actual tornado.
This Saturday begins Severe Weather Preparedness Month, and residents are being asked to prepare now, as the season has already started to be an active season for the 2019.