No One Hurt or Animals Injured In Jackson County Storm

(BROWNSTOWN) – The National Weather Service has not confirmed whether a storm that did isolated damage this afternoon in Jackson County was a tornado or straight Line winds.

However, the 1:30 p.m. storm did cause some significant damage to the Michael Issac’s property on County Road 25 East, just west of Brownstown Thursday afternoon.
Issac’s was not home at the time of the storm. However, 1340 WBIW talked to his neighbor who lives across the street from Issac when the storm struck.
issacs home.JPG
The Michael Isaac property was damaged Thursday afternoon including a barn and silo.
“I was sitting in my garage, when heavy rain, hail, started. My truck started bouncing up and down. It lasted no more than 25 to 30 seconds; I saw my trees were down. After it cleared, I then saw the damage done to Issac’s property. ” said Greg Reddy. “I then helped, get his cattle out of the roadway. Power was lost on Issac’s property. However, we are on another system and did not lose ours” Reddy added.
field damage.JPG
Irrigation system was turned over during the storm on Jackson County Road 25 East.
An irrigation system on a nearby farm, silos, barns, and metal was strung out along the county road, along with the damage done to Issac’s home.
“Lucky, no one was hurt or the animals” Alicia Reddy Greg’s wife replied.”
Trees knocked over on the Greg Reedy property, the storm hit around 1:30 p.m., Thursday afternoon.
Trees were toppled on the Greg Reedy property. Mr. Reedy was sitting in his garage when the 1:30 p.m. storm hit west of Brownstown.
metal down.JPG
Barn destroyed on County Road 25 East in Jackson County.
There were several tornado warnings throughout Southern Indiana Thursday, morning and afternoon.
Jackson County REMC works on power lines just east of the storm damage near Brownstown, Thursday
Tornado sirens sounded twice in Bedford as tornado’s warnings were issued. And a few power outages were reported throughout the day.