Peeps Debut New Flavors For Easter

(UNDATED) – Marshmallow Peeps are at the top of the list for those that love marshmallow treats at Easter.

The marshmallow shapes chicks now come in new flavors – cotton candy, pancakes & syrup, orange sherbet dipped in crème flavored fudge, rootbeer float, vanilla crème, chocolate caramel swirl, and blue raspberry.
But you can’t find these flavors everywhere. Rootbeer float can only be found at Kroger, blue raspberry is only at Walmart and Vanilla Crème and Chocolate Caramel Swirl are exclusive to Target.
The flavors are available now through April 21.
The new Peeps will range from $1.69 to $2.49, depending on the size of the pack and consumers’ location.
But that’s not all. Kellogg’s Peeps-flavored cereal is now on sale. There is also a Peeps-flavored creamer coming out in partnership with International Delight.
You can also find Peeps’ more standard fare nationwide: 5-ounce Peeps Chocolate bunnies, Peeps jelly beans, and Peeps bunny lollipops sell at Target for $4 or less.