Six Annual Bee Intensive Expo Saturday, April 27

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Beekeepers Club is planning their Six Annual Bee Intensive Expo Saturday, April 27 at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds.

Bee Intensive will include information on:

  • Making Increase and Splits
  • Problems of the Hive(laying workers, bad queens, Small Hive Beetle, Dearth,Wax Moth, Mites
  • Treatment of Bees For Mites Using Oxalic Acid and other methods.
  • Round table discussion
  • Hive inspection
  • Honey infusion
  • Honey Judging, Honey tasting using Honey tasting guide of U.S.
  • Winter prep
  • Wood ware and hive types (topbar, Warre, and long hives will be discussed.
  • New Research on mites, hive beetles, and getting better control
  • Honey Tasting

This will be a hands-on field day event with live hive inspection; It is designed for beekeepers with at least one years’ experience keeping bees and is recommend guests with less experience attend the beginning beekeeper class.
The 2019 Indiana Honey Queen Sophie Cannon will attend the event. Cannon lives in Indianapolis and attends Herron High School. She is a beekeeper, along with her grandmother, and has enjoyed the hobby for three years.
Lunch will be provided.
Registration is $15 and you can register at this Evenbrite link.
Prior to the expo, the club will host a two-day queen-raising class at the fairgrounds on April 25-26. It will be a hands-on training event with live bees, designed for beekeepers with at least two years of experience. The class is aimed at teaching beekeepers how to raise queens with hands-on learning and grafting.
The cost is $60, and beekeepers should bring their own protective clothing. Some tools will be given to participants to take with them.
Lunch will be provided.
Register by visiting this Evenbrite link.
It will be taught by Kent Williams, a teacher, and beekeeper from Kentucky.
For more information on beekeeping and how to join club visit or follow them on Facebook at Bedford Beekeepers.
For details, call 812-797-4269. To pay for either registration by mail, send it to: Bedford Beekeepers, 162 Younger Road, Bedford, IN 47421.