Affidavit: Martinsville Police Chief Took An Extra $1,530

(MARTINSVILLE) – Court documents say that Martinsville Police Chief Matthew Long, charged with theft and official misconduct, used his computer to bank more sick days than entitled to and cashed them out for $1,530.

A probable cause affidavit unsealed Thursday says that Chief Long used his computer to add three-and-a-half weeks to his bank of accumulated sick days in 2017 that he cashed out at years end.
A State Board of Accounts audit released Thursday discovered that payment and a much larger one, nearly $6,800 in unearned overtime pay.
Long’s attorney, John Kautzman, released a statement saying the chief denies the allegations and at no time did he “intentionally engage in any criminal or knowingly improper conduct.”
The 40-year-old Long was placed on paid leave in January. He was arrested Wednesday.