Two Arrested On Animal Cruelty Charges

(NASHVILLE) – Police arrested two people on charges of animal cruelty after officers found dead and decomposing animals, burned remains and more than 90 animals without food or water.

Police arrested 65-year-old Roy Fish and 50-year-old Penney Carey of Columbus on two misdemeanor charges of the cruelty of animals.
They were both booked in the Brown County Jail on Feb. 10 and were released two hours later after posing a $1,500 bond each.
According to court records on December 28, Brown County Animal Control Officer Amanda Sisson went to a property in the 6100 block of Becks Grove Road with Dr. Jodi Lovejoy and an assistant with the state board of animal health and found dead animals on the property.
pigs vul.jpg
Officials found a burn pile with the remains of a dead horse and several dead pigs on the property. Vultures were eating on the dead carcasses.
They also located a donkey with its hooves curled up and twisted. The donkey had no food or water.
Near the driveway were three horses and a small mule, standing in a quarter-acre lot filled with mud. The animals had no food. One horse was foundered and couldn’t walk well.
Officials found another 84 pigs standing in mud, water, and feces. The pigs were standing waist deep in mud. The animals had no shelter. They had no water or feed.
Pigs were climbing on dead pigs who had died from drowning in the mud.
They also found two pigs in a trailer standing in four to six inches of feces.
On Jan. 24, Sisson and Brown County Chief Deputy Brad Stogsdill returned to the home. The conditions of the animals and the property had not changed. They found seven dead pigs that were not there during their earlier visit.
On Jan. 31, Sisson and Stogsdill returned to the property and found three more dead pigs and more swine in the burn pile. The remain animals still had no food or water.
On Feb. 14th the couple pleaded not guilty to the crimes and no court date has been set.