Attorney For Accused Murderer Will Use Mental Disorder Defense

(DUBOIS CO.) – The attorney for a Huntingburg man accused of murdering 23-year-old Chloie Lubbehusen filed a defense of mental disease or defect for his client.

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27-year-old Kyle Schneider is charged with stabbing to death Lubbehusen at a home at County Road 650E residence near St. Anthony on Friday, January 11.
Schneider’s attorney, Timothy Demotte, filed a notice of defense of mental disease or defect in Dubois Circuit Court and asked for the court to appoint “two (2) or three (3) competent, disinterested psychiatrists or psychologists endorsed by the State Psychology Board” to examine Schneider.
Demotte also filed a motion for a change of venue telling the court he feels Schneider won’t receive a fair trial due to the media coverage of the incident and arrest.
Schneider has remained at the Dubois County Security Center without bond since being arrested.
On Feb. 11, Dubois County deputies responded at 8:26 a.m. after neighbors found Lubbehusen bleeding from the face on the porch. She was transported to Memorial Hospital where she succumbed from her injuries.
According to the Dubois County Coroner Bob Veatch, preliminary autopsy results indicate she bled to death.
Deputies say they found a bloody knife in the living room of the home, then searched the area for Schneider.
According to the probable cause affidavit, police found Schneider naked except for a pair of socks, in a neighbor’s garage lying on the floor with blood on his hands.
According to Indiana State Police detective Brock Werne, Schneider was ordered to show his hands to which he stated, “do not shoot me, I want to tell you my side of the story.”
Deputies say Schneider seemed agitated, angry and very disoriented.
After deputies put Schneider in a police car, they say he rolled down the window and said, “have you ever killed anybody?” The deputy said, “no”, and deputies say he stated, “this would be my first.”
According to the affidavit, Schneider kept rambling and asking deputies random questions on the way to the jail.
When deputies asked Schneider to give them a timeline of events, he continued to yell incoherently.
Schneider told police, he and Lubbehusen had an altercation but could not remember anything else other then he stabbed Lubbehusen multiple times but did not give police an explanation for his actions.