Davisson’s Legislation Allows For Emergency Prescription Refills

(STATEHOUSE) – The House of Representatives supported State Rep. Steve Davisson’s (R-Salem) legislation allowing patients to receive emergency prescription refills from pharmacists.

State Rep. Steve Davisson.jpg
Those who need refills are currently required to get another prescription from a licensed medical professional like a doctor. Davisson is working to allow pharmacists to dispense one emergency refill in order to help those unable to make it to the doctor before their prescription runs out.
“We cannot predict what is going to happen in life, and sometimes unforeseen events can keep us from completing tasks like going to the doctor,” Davisson said. “This legislation gives Hoosiers a safety net for those unexpected moments in life. If a patient can’t get to their doctor to refill their prescription before it runs out, a pharmacist would have the ability to give them an emergency refill until they can get to the doctor and get their prescription renewed.”
Davisson said emergency prescription renewals would be strictly for non-controlled medication like maintenance medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Every renewal would be documented by the pharmacist and the patient would be notified within the next business day of the renewal.
This legislation would also recognize physician assistant training qualifications and give them the ability to prescribe medication to their patients, according to Davisson.
“The legislation removes some of the administrative burdens on physicians and gives more opportunities for physician assistants that are educated in Indiana to stay and work in Indiana,” Davisson said. “Physician assistants are integral, and they could help reduce the heavy workload that many of our physicians are experiencing. These qualified individuals could be part of solving the health care shortage that many areas of Indiana are facing.”
House Bill 1248 now moves to the Senate for consideration. For more information, visit iga.in.gov.