Lawmakers Considering The Yellow Dot Emergency Program

(UNDATED) – Indiana lawmakers are discussing an effort to improve safety for drivers in Indiana. The Yellow Dot emergency program is already in place in several states, including Illinois, New York, Georgia, and Alabama.

Drivers will put a yellow sticker in the lower left of their front windshield.
The Yellow Dot kit contains a medical information card and a Yellow Dot decal. Participants complete the card, attach a recent photo, place it in the glove compartment of their vehicle and place the Yellow Dot decal on the rear driver’s side window. First responders arriving at the scene of an emergency will be alerted by the Yellow Dot decal to look for the medical information card in the glove compartment.
The stickers would cost $5 at the BMV.
Right now, the House Veterans Affairs and Public Safety Committee are working to decide the next steps.