Recent Scam Uses Dubois County Courthouse As Caller ID

(DUBOIS CO.) – The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents about a new scam involving the Dubois County Courthouse.

The victim received a call from a number with the Caller ID of listed as the Dubois County Courthouse. The caller informed the victim they were at fault for not appearing for jury duty and they owed a fine.
The victim was advised by the caller to pay the fine over the phone using a prepaid card. Police said the victim did comply and will likely never recover their money.
“We would like to remind everyone of the ongoing scammers, they are getting more clever and more dangerous,” the department wrote in a press release. “Please remember that no government agency will demand collection of money over the phone, threaten incarceration for non-payment, or tell you that they will send the police to your home to arrest you if you do not make an immediate payment over the phone.”
According to police, when in doubt, hang up and contact your local law enforcement agency.