Legislature Indiana Business Bills Indiana Could Raise Smoking Age, Start Vaping Liquids Tax

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The legal age to buy tobacco and vaping liquids in Indiana would be raised to 21 and the state would start taxing those e-cigarette materials under bills advancing in the Legislature.

The Indiana Senate Health Committee voted 8-2 Wednesday to advance a bill raising from 18 the minimum age to buy cigarettes, other tobacco products or e-liquids. It also would prohibit anyone younger than 18 from buying or possessing vaping liquids even if they didn’t contain nicotine.
Supporters say raising the age could improve the state’s health as fewer people start smoking.
The House Ways and Means Committee endorsed a 4 cents per-milliliter vaping liquid tax. Vaping business officials argue the tax could hurt the industry, but the bill sponsor says it aims to tax the liquids similarly as cigarettes.