Middle Way House Board Of Directors Announces Updated Organizational Statements

(BLOOMINGTON) – Tuesday, the board of directors of Middle Way House is pleased to announce updates to the agency’s mission, vision, and values statements. Middle Way House has a nearly forty-year legacy of supporting and empowering survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Over its history, the agency grew from a grassroots organization within a downtown Bloomington house to one that encompasses several buildings, spans multiple programs, and serves thousands of people each year across six Indiana counties. Healthy organizations must continually assess their response to the individuals they serve, their place in the community, and evolve to meet existing and changing needs. Considering this, the board chose to begin a strategic planning process to build on the agency’s strengths and chart an intentional course for the future.
The process was thoughtful and deliberate. Efforts involved an extensive review of the entire organization–including its mission. The board began by listening to key stakeholders. Recognizing the dedication and expertise of the agency’s staff as one of its greatest assets, they actively encouraged employee participation throughout the process. The input of community partners was also sought and considered.
The resulting organizational statements reaffirm the agency’s client-centered empowerment model and position the agency to meet the current and evolving needs of all survivors–including those from vulnerable populations and marginalized communities. These changes do not mark the end of a process, but rather establish an aspirational vision to guide the course of Middle Way House’s current and future efforts to provide meaningful alternatives to living with violence.
“I feel privileged to be directly engaged with this outstanding organization at this time of self-reflection and renewed focus so that it can continue to provide survivors with the support necessary to move forward with their lives. It has been satisfying to see the strong positive responses we received from our outreach to our community partners during this process,” said Kathleen Sidelli, board president. “Bloomington and southern Indiana should continue to expect Middle Way House to deliver exemplary services and support. We are so lucky to be in a community that strongly supports an organization like ours,” said Sidelli.
Updated Organizational Statements:
Vision Statement: To end domestic and sexual violence in the lives of all people.
Mission Statement: Middle Way House works to support all survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking; and to educate the community through outreach and prevention programs.
Core Values: Always be in alignment with the mission; be accountable to ourselves, each other, the organization, and the community; exhibit non-violence in all our behaviors and actions; behave compassionately in all our encounters; respect and maintain confidentiality; and be ethical in all transactions.
More detailed information about the updated organizational statements and strategic planning process may be viewed by visiting the agency’s website: MiddleWayHouse.org (‘About Us, Organizational Statements).
For Middle Way House’s free, confidential, 24/7 crisis line call 812-336-0846.