Hawkins Enters Bedford Mayoral Race

(BEDFORD) – Michael Hawkins has entered the upcoming race for Bedford Mayor.

Michael Hawkins Photo Press Release.jpg
A 1983 BNL graduate, Hawkins continued his education at Vincennes University and Cincinnati Christian University.
His professional resume includes an extensive background in Marketing, with a focus on
logistics in the consumables industry.
“Keeping independent retailers’ shelves stocked with fresh produce, groceries, meats, and sweets has evolved from my early days of working with my family at the old Hamilton Harris wholesale company that was here in Bedford for many years.”
“That early work experience down on H Street led to the opportunity to service and supply customers nationally and internationally. I’ve always found that whether I’m negotiating with a chain of 700 plus retail outlets in Kentucky or a mom and pop shop in Southern Indiana, the needs of the customer are always the same. Local business is a part of the fabric of the community and serves a purpose much greater than what many see on the surface. And in Bedford, our existing large and small businesses are a crucial part of our culture and future.”
Some of the key components of Hawkins’ professional resume include: Managing Human Resources, assimilating teams for the organization, developing and executing multi-million dollar budgets while building relationships with large and small corporations, establishing negotiations that led to long term supply agreements significantly impacting the company’s employment numbers.
Hawkins is entering his 7th year of serving as the Minister at 39th Street Christian Church in Bedford.
“Working with the youth in the areas around our church really opened my eyes to some unmet needs in our community. We live with neighbors who have so much to offer, and we are blessed with so many resources that can and should make a difference in the quality of life for our citizens.”
He owns and operates Heartland North, LLC, a Real Estate and Auction company. Hawkins is a member of American Patriot Lodge 750 and serves on the Hoosier Hills Emmaus Board. Michael and wife Stephanie have 3 children and one grandchild. Email Michael at HawkinsforBedford@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.