Pizza Hut Looking For First Baby Born During Super Bowl LIII

(UNDATED) – Pizza Hut promises a big delivery for first baby born during Super Bowl LIII.

The chain restaurant will give free pizza for a year to the parents of the first baby born after Super Bowl LIII kicks off Sunday, as well as tickets to next year’s big game.
To enter, parents who deliver a baby during the game need to tweet a photo of their newest arrival, with the time of birth, tagging @PizzaHut and including the hashtags #PizzaHutSpecialDelivery and #promotion.
Some families awaiting a new arrival will already be winners on Super Bowl Sunday. Pizza Hut plans to deliver pizzas for free to hospitals in Boston and Los Angeles, in honor of the Super Bowl competitors.
Pizza Hut is in its first year as the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL and said they wanted to bring the Super Bowl party to families who were busy with their little one at the hospital.
“As a mother of four, I would’ve jumped at the idea of free, post-delivery pizza at the hospital!” said Marianne Radley, the chief brand officer of Pizza Hut.