Columbus Firefighters Save Deer From Frozen Lake

(COLUMBUS) – Columbus firefighters report that they rescued a deer from a frozen lake.

That happened at about 10:38 a.m. Saturday morning in the 6000 block of Waterside Drive in Tipton Lakes.
Rescuers found the deer about 100 yards out on the ice and apparently exhausted after trying to get off of the slippery surface.
Firefighters sent a drone out to check on the deer and to try to prompt the animal to head to shore. After that didn’t work, the ice rescue team went out on an inflatable boat, lassoed the deer and then the boat, the team, and the deer was pulled to shore.
Conservation officers said the deer appeared exhausted but otherwise OK.
Firefighters warn if you see an animal on an icy pond or lake, you should never go out on the ice yourself to try to rescue the animal. Instead, call 911.