Loogootee Woman Arrested On Animal Neglect, Cruelty Charges

(LOOGOOTEE) – A Loogootee woman was arrested on animal neglect and cruelty charges Thursday.

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Martin County Police arrested 73-year-old Julia Arney after police received a tip about a puppy mill at her home at 2779 Rutherford Road, in Loogootee.
When deputies and Animal Control officer Josh Hughett arrived they found a number of dogs on the property both outside and inside the home. They also found a dead dog laying on the floor.
Police then requested a search warrant.
When they searched the home officers found several dozen dogs locked in feces-covered cages with no food or water.
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Some of the caged dogs were found dead.
Police also found several horses and donkeys on the property.
Susan Wittmer from the Martin County Humane Society said the stench was so bad no person or animal should be living on the property.
According to the shelter’s Facebook page officials ended up saving 72 dogs. Twenty-seven of the first 30 dogs were placed with rescues. Three puppies were taken to a local vet for treatment of a serious illness. The horses were placed with a horse rescue.
The Martin County Humane Society is currently caring for many of the rescued animals but they need the public’s assistance. Officials are asking for monetary donation to help provide care for the animals. To donate click here.