Sweethearts Candy Will Be In Short Supply For Valentine’s Day

(UNDATED) – The pastel heart-shaped candies with phrases like “Be Mine,” Cutie Pie” and “Love You” written on them will be in short supply this year.

sweetheart candies.jpg
Necco, the company that makes the themed candies, faced closure and had to file for bankruptcy in March 2018 until Spangler Candy Company stepped in to save them.
However, Spangler announced that due to “manufacturing” challenges its facing since acquiring the new brand, along with Necco Wafers, Sweethearts won’t be available until next year.
“We look forward to announcing the Sweethearts relaunch for the 2020 Valentine season,” according to a press release.
If you come across any Sweethearts for sale this year, they were made prior to the Necco factory closing in July 2018.