Norman Man Arrested After Filming Female In Walmart Dressing Room

(BEDFORD) – A Norman man was arrested Thursday evening after admitting that he was recording women in the dressing room at Walmart.

According to Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore, officers were called to the store at just after 6 p.m. when a female caught a male recording her in the dressing room.
When officers arrived, they spoke to the female victim and her mother.
“The victim said while she was trying on pants she noticed a cell phone on the floor from the dressing room beside hers,” Chief Moore added. ” She thought someone had dropped it at first, but then noticed it would disappear and then reappear under the wall with the camera point up as if someone was recording her.”
The victim texted her mother asking who was in the dressing room beside her and then walked out.
“After walking out of the dressing room the accused 26-year-old Caleb McMillan walked out of the dressing room beside hers and was confronted by the victim’s mother,” Chief Moore said.
The mother asked Walmart staff to contact security and police.
When officers arrived and spoke to McMillan, he admitted to filming the female.
He was arrested on a charge of voyeurism with a camera.