Rep. Trey Hollingsworth Speaks Out About Term Limits For Congress

(WASHINGTON, DC) – 96 Years. When you combine the amount of time the House of Representative’s new leadership, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House from CA), Steny Hoyer (Majority Leader from MD), and Jim Clyburn (Majority Whip from SC), have spent in Congress, it adds up to almost a century.

Just think about that for a minute: the new leadership in the House of Representatives has, combined, spent nearly a century as career politicians working in Washington, DC, removed from the daily struggles or strains that families across the country work hard to overcome.
Washington’s sole focus should always be to advance the lives of Americans and the interests of America. Instead, safely removed from the struggles of hardworking Americans in their multi-decade careers in Washington, too many career politicians are interested in advancing their own futures, not your future. But who picks up the tab for the legislation they pass to please the lobbyists who will hire them when they finally leave Congress? American taxpayers. Our $21 trillion federal debt is on the backs of our children and grandchildren, yet too many are still only focused on hot button political issues, instead of solving pressing problems like our underfunded infrastructure or finally making healthcare affordable and accessible.
In the chaos and dysfunction in Washington, the interests and livelihoods of Hoosiers – and all Americans – are coming second to the self-interests, social media followings, and financial futures of far too many Members of Congress. You, the hardworking men and women who make America the greatest country on earth every single day, deserve a government that puts you, your families, your businesses, and your futures first.
To address this, my first action of the 116th Congress was to reintroduce my term limits bill. This was also my first action in the 115th Congress. After spending two years as your representative, my dedication to changing a corrosive culture in Washington has only grown with time. We need term limits to focus Congress on our collective American future, not their political future.
From the start, my top priority as your representative has always been helping build better and brighter futures for all Hoosiers. Part of achieving that goal is to get you the government you deserve and expect. Congress hasn’t met that expectation; the time for term limits is now.