Support Group Offers Addiction Help In Bedford

(BEDFORD) – A nationally recognized addiction support group is offering help in Lawrence County and surrounding communities.

Smart Recovery, a self-management and addiction recovery program, is being offered for a number of different addiction issues facing individuals. This program recently started in Bedford and is held at the Hillcrest Christian Church every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. The church is located at 1130 Hillcrest Road in Bedford.
With opioids being a large problem not only to law enforcement but affecting the entire community, Smart Recovery is a group that conducts group and individual training to overcome that addiction.
However, a variety of other addictions can also be handled by the support group, in addition to common drug issues.
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Jenny Sears, a Smart Recovery spokesperson, said that many facets of our lives lead to addictions. Alcohol, internet usage, smoking, and even sex and shopping, can be considered harmful addictions when excessive.
The solution centers around recognizing and changing the behavior in an individual. Maintaining motivation, coping skills, managing your behaviors and living a balanced life are all covered.
The sessions are free and don’t require consistent attendance as a structured program. Attendance can be in person, or individuals can get help through online meetings. You can get help on the internet by visiting for more details on the program, whether it be for the in-person sessions or online meetings. Calls can also be made to the Hillcrest Church at 812-279-3994 for updates.