Colts Squad Returns Home Following Playoff Loss

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – After their season-ending 31-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, the Colts returned to Indianapolis to clean out their lockers and begin the offseason process on Sunday.

Head coach Frank Reich reflected on his first season as head coach and said it was memorable from start to finish.
“I just couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams how this year was. From the players to the coaching staff to the front office, everyone exceeded my expectations. As far as the game results, I didn’t put expectations there but I couldn’t be more thrilled with where this team is and where we’re going.”
Meanwhile, kicker Adam Vinateri said he’ll take the offseason to contemplate his football future.
“I love playing football. I love being in the locker room with these guys and while I can’t see myself doing anything else I’ll decompress a little bit and see where it goes.”