City Of Bloomington Reminds Residents To Keep Sidewalks And Ramps Clear Of Snow

(BLOOMINGTON) – The City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Department (HAND) reminds residents to keep sidewalks, including walks and ramps leading to crosswalks, clear for pedestrian safety during the winter months.

Under the Bloomington Municipal Code, property owners must remove snow and ice from their sidewalks within 24 hours of the accumulation of snow or ice. Not complying with this ordinance could result in significant injuries to pedestrians and fines for property owners. Fines increase incrementally during each snow season: fines start at $50; the second is $100, and the third and all subsequent fines are $150 each.
HAND’s proactive enforcement of the City’s snow removal ordinance will start with the downtown and on sidewalks leading to area schools. If residents notice an area in need of attention or would like more information on the sidewalk ordinance, please contact HAND at 812-349-3420.
In the downtown, the minimum clear path shall be the lesser of 54 inches or the width of the paved sidewalk. The downtown snow removal area is defined as:

  • College Avenue and Walnut Street from Third Street to Tenth Street;
  • Gentry Street from Fourth Street to Fifth Street;
  • Morton Street from Fifth Street to Tenth Street;
  • Third Street between Walnut Street and College Avenue;
  • Fourth Street between Walnut Street and Gentry Avenue;
  • Segments of Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Streets from Walnut Street to Morton Street; and
  • Kirkwood Avenue from Indiana Avenue to Rogers Street.

Tips for removing snow and ice from sidewalks include the following:

  • Shovel carefully. Prevent injury by not lifting too much snow at once.
  • Clear the snow down to the sidewalk surface. If snowfall begins with a layer of ice, consider spreading sand or cinders before additional accumulation to help remove the ice and provide traction.
  • Break away heavy ice with an ice chipper or straight edge hoe. Deep digging may result in damage to the sidewalk.
  • A good quality shovel with an ergonomic handle is a valuable tool when attempting to clear snow or ice.

HAND reminds residents to plan ahead; those leaving Bloomington during the snow season should make arrangements to ensure their sidewalks are kept clear in their absence. Residents with health concerns may talk to neighbors, neighborhood associations or churches about receiving assistance with snow removal. Residents are also reminded that keeping sidewalks and ramps clear of snow and ice is especially important for our neighbors and visitors with mobility-related issues.