Local Ham Radio Group Offering Classes

(BEDFORD) – The Hoosier Hills Ham Club, an amateur radio operators club based out of Bedford, is offering an exciting opportunity to enter into a new hobby which also has potential emergency applications.

Club spokesperson, Rick Davis, said that his group will hold a series of 10 classes each Tuesday night starting on January 15th and running on consecutive Tuesday nights through March 19th.
The classes will be from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.. The location of the classes will be determined closer to the January 15th start date, but will be in the Bedford area.
Ham radio classIMG_0912.JPG
Davis said that teens and adults are welcome, with the classes providing a level of knowledge to allow the students to take the Federal Communications Commission test to gain an entry level HAM license.
“There are those that like to use amateur radio to talk locally and others that talk to people all over the world,” Davis said.
He stressed that the amateur radio hobby also has a strong public service aspect. In the event of a widespread natural or man-made disaster, where all standard cell phone and internet services are down, amateur radio systems would still work to help the local community during that time.
The cost of the class is $25 and covers study material. Younger student’s costs may be covered by the Hoosier Hills Ham Club.
If interested in taking the class or obtaining more details, email Rick Davis at “ham-class@w9qyq.org” or call Tim Miller at 812-272-0407.