Indiana University Continues To Fight Mold Issues

(BLOOMINGTON) – Students at IU Bloomington returned back to campus Sunday. For many, it was the first time they were allowed back in their dorm rooms after officials found mold in several Indiana University buildings.

Hundreds of rooms at Teter, McNutt and Foster residence halls tested positive for the mold aspergillosis.
IU officials report over the past several weeks, dorms were cleaned, recleaned and continue to be monitored for any trace of mold.
“We are being vigilant about this and will continue to work until the problem is completely resolved,” says Chuck Carney, spokesperson for IU.
Students in 19 rooms at Teter Hall who returned Sunday had to move to different rooms because mold levels were still unsafe.
The university has been posting updates on their remediation efforts online.
Last month the Indiana University Board of Trustees approved an accelerated plan for the renovation of Foster and McNutt residence halls starting at the end of the spring semester.
Residential Programs and Services will provide on-campus housing to approximately 1,100 returning students who renewed their RPS contracts for the 2019-2020 academic year, according to an email sent to students.
IU is contracting out three unnamed housing complexes fairly close to campus to returning students, but the details are still being worked out. Students will be able to walk, or take the city, IU, or shuttle bus services to campus from these housing complexes.
Officials say pricing will be comparable to or less than what students originally agreed to pay for on-campus housing and will include utilities and Wi-Fi. Students will be billed, just like on-campus housing.