Luck Talks Texans Playoff Matchup

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – The Colts get ready for a third round with the Houston Texans on Saturday but until then it’s about keeping the same mentality that got them from 1-5 to a postseason berth.

“This has been the goal since Day One, making the playoffs,” Andrew Luck said. “We made it hard on ourselves to start but we were able to right the ship and now the real work begins.”
Luck added that facing the Texans twice a year doesn’t exactly present the advantage many would think it would.
“Both teams are very familiar with each other and I don’t think it is an advantage for either team. We know each other well. Fundamentals, discipline, those are the magic sauce in games like these.”
In Tuesday’s walkthrough, T.Y. Hilton and four other receivers were among those who didn’t participate.
Meanwhile, the Texans listed receiver DeAndre Hopkins, defensive end J.J. Watt and cornerback Johnathan Joseph as limited.