Bedford Plan Commission holds two preliminary hearings for minor subdivisions Tuesday afternoon

BEDFORD- The Bedford Plan Commission held two preliminary hearings for two minor subdivisions on properties located at 3325/3327 Washington Ave and 816 T Street.

The properties at 3325 and 3327 Washington Ave with the proposed split

The first hearing for the property at 3325 and 3327 Washington Ave requested to add an additional lot to the rear of
the property, therefore making three lots total.

The property owners were dividing the current property into three parcels. The front two parcels will have the existing home on one and the existing garage on another and the rear parcel will be left as a vacant lot for possible future development. Each of the three lots will exceed the 6,000 square foot minimum, with a 10-foot easement through the middle to allow for utility and sewer hookups if someone decided to build on the property.

The property at 816 T Street Bedford

The second property at 816 T Street Bedford wish to divide the property into two separate lots. The property owner currently owns several little parcels that needed to be combined. The property owner owns all the parcels and to simplify the area combining everything into two separate parcels will clean it up.

Following the questions and information, the commission approved both requests, and move them forward to a public hearing set for Tuesday, September 13th at 4:00 p.m. at the City Concourse Building located at 1414 H Street.